5 Easy Makeup Tricks for Younger Bigger Eyes

Look young and fresh with beautiful lifting eye makeup.  Visually lift your eyes and make them look bigger with these easy tricks. 

As we age, the skin at the corners and above the eye begin to slacken.  You may naturally have a hooded eye with a small lid which makes your eyes appear smaller.

Visually lift your eye from the top (above the eyelid crease), and open and add lift at the outer corners. 

Before makeup application:

Lightly hydrate around the eye area with a firming cream to brighten skin and to avoid makeup settling into fine lines.  Next, apply a brightening concealer under eyes.

If you have a hooded eye or small lid, apply an eyeshadow base to prevent makeup from melting and causing racoon eyes.

Let's begin!  5 easy steps to lift and create a bigger eye:

Step 1:  Fill and shape your brows to create lift to entire eye area.

Step 2:  Using a small eyeshadow brush, apply mid-tone eyeshadow (darker than your skin) above eyelid crease and out towards outer corner of eye.  Keep colour concentrated on brow bone (above crease) then blend toward lash line.

  • For a bigger eye, avoid bringing colour too close to inner corner.
  • For lift to the eye, keep colour between corner of brow and corner of outer eye (image an invisible line).
  • For bright eyes, add a dab of light eyeshadow onto centre of lid.

Step 3:  Line upper and lower lash line with a smudgy or sharp eyeliner.

  • Draw up and out past outer corner without meeting lash line at the corner.
  • A small space between corner lash line and eyeliner creates a bigger eye and adds lift.
  • Line lower lash line with a soft liner and smudge at outer lower corner to create a bigger eye.

Step 4:  Apply light concealer (lighter than your skin) to outer eye corner (under outer eyeshadow) to lift and brighten.

Step 5:  Apply mascara.  Concentrate on centre lashes and outer corners.

Voila!  Beautiful, big bright eyes! 

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Love your pretty peeps :)   You are Perfect.


     - Beauty, Style & Self-Love Coach

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Lisa Johnson is the Author of Authentic Beauty Secrets & Authentic Style Secrets with her 3rd book on self-love in the works.  With a passion to help women look and feel beautiful inside & out, Lisa offers personalized coaching on Beauty, Style & Self-Love, founder of Authentic Beauty.  AuthenticBeauty.ca

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