Do You Believe You are Beautiful?

My friends and I were having cocktails on our favourite patio when we all stopped mid-conversation to admire a beautiful server.  She looked stunning that day, her olive skin, youth and height showcased in a black backless one-piece pantsuit with her dark hair pulled high into a sleek ponytail.

Our little group of friends are blonde, redhead, fair, short, tall, curvy, mature and beautiful.  Each one of us has our own form of beauty, as we all do.  It is healthy, natural and okay to appreciate beauty in every form.  

So, what makes something, or someone, beautiful? 

There is obvious beauty, like our stunning server or an unforgettable sunset.  Sometimes, beauty is a combination of appearance and a feeling, like a newborn or artwork that isn't overtly beautiful - but is!  We also find beauty in qualities such as someone or something we admire for their quirkiness, strength or courage.  Flaws and imperfections are beautiful, as Karl Lagerfeld said “I don’t like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness.”  

Beauty also comes from the heart.  When someone has an amazing soul, they are definitely beautiful.  When we love someone unconditionally, they are the most beautiful person in the world.  Personally, I see my children as the most beautiful people on this planet!  

So, with all of these forms of beauty, and there are more, why do we find it hard to believe that we are beautiful?  Even the pet that is so "ugly" it's cute, is beautiful!  Every living thing with it's unique qualities, differences, appearance and heart is beautiful!  We all agree.  You are beautiful!  Believe it.

I recently wrote an article for a local magazine to help women love themselves exactly as they are.  I had to really think about why women struggle to love themselves.  What is the root to this problem that most of us have?  I believe it is because we don't think we are beautiful or good enough.  We criticize ourselves for so many things!  If you truly believe you are beautiful (as quirky and imperfect as you are), you will build a strong foundation toward loving yourself.

It is not possible to be all things beautiful.  Your beauty has its' own form and it's yours.  There is no question that you are beautiful!  We all are!

Appreciate the many forms of beauty around you without comparison or feeling inferior.  Enjoy your beauty and everything that makes you You.  You are a strong, fierce, beautiful woman!  Never underestimate, judge or belittle yourself.  Always give yourself unconditional love and respect because you are Amazing!


           - Beauty, Style & Self-Love Coach


About Lisa

Lisa Johnson Author of Authentic Beauty Secrets Authentic Style Secrets with her 3rd book on Self-Love in the works.  With a passion to help women look and feel beautiful inside & out, Lisa offers personalized coaching on Beauty, Style & Self-Love.  Founder of Authentic Beauty.


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