Dress Your Body to Look Fabulous in Six Easy Steps

Simple tricks to flatter every body!

Our bodies are unique but these tips apply to every shape and size.

If you have read any of my style and beauty articles, you know how I feel about the power of a woman, aka Warrior Goddess, and that you are an all-over amazing human being. You are awesome! Confidence is your number one asset over anything you wear. Bring out this phenomenal superpower and you can rule the world gorgeous girl!

"Healthy emotions come in all sizes.  Healthy minds come in all sizes. And healthy bodies come in all sizes.”   - Cheri K. Erdman

Depending on the day and your mood, you may want to enhance your body more than other days.  Understanding your body shape, waist placement and chest size will help choosing outfits and make shopping for flattering outfits so much easier.

Dressing Tips to Flatter Your Body:

  1. Accentuate your neckline with statement jewelry and stylish makeup and hair.  This draws attention to your beautiful face.
  2. For an hourglass shape, balance top and bottom to appear equal in width (shoulders and hips), then nip your waist in with details or belt.
  3. If you wish to enhance your curves, wear body skimming or fitted pieces and a boosting cutlet bra for va-va-voom.
  4. To appear slimmer and taller, wear monochromatic colours from top to bottom, including shoes. Stick to shades in the same colour, such as a light cream blouse layered with a darker cream sweater or jacket. Light with light and dark with dark have the same general effect.
  5. Top your outfit with a jacket, wrap or scarf to complete your look and balance, lengthen or slim your overall appearance. Long adds length and has a sliming effect, short or waist enhancing styles create an hourglass shape and draws attention to the waist.
  6. Choose a handbag that is in proportion to your body.

Shaping Tips:

  • Balance your body with lighter shades on smaller half, and darker shades on larger half.
  • Appear leaner by accentuating smaller half with body skimming styles.
  • Accentuate your waist. Shape body with vertical or diagonal detailing - like panels that define waist or other styles that draw attention to the waist.
  • Give length to your body by wearing tops and bottoms that place your waist in the middle and give the illusion of longer legs (adjust for long torso or short torso).
  • Slim your body with tops for your chest size. Large chests look best with a low neckline in skimming styles, fine knit or flowing fabric layered with a deep V jacket or cardigan. Small chests can wear high necklines for a longer look or chunky knits and other styles that add volume.

For dressing and style tricks specific to your body shape, stature, waist placement and height, check out Authentic Style Secrets available on Amazon. Understanding your physique and personal style better will help you to look and feel fantastic! 

Every body is different and lovely. Be proud of your beautiful shape and strut that booty!

Much Love

     - Lisa

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