Why Women's Self-Care is Incredibly Important!

You have a bigger impact on this world than you can imagine! 

How you feel affects your environment and the ones you love.

Self-care plays a very big role in how you feel and act, what you say and how you present yourself.  All of these things have an effect on everyone you see today.  That's a pretty big deal!

Positive?  Yay!  Your positive message and energy are guaranteed to help someone! 

Negative or low?  We all have these days and if you have been lacking in self-care, your negative or low days may become more frequent.  When these feelings become part of your existence, they take a toll on your self-confidence and on the ones you love.

Practicing self-care is usually low on the list because we tend to put everyone else at the top.  This is a mistake.  We absolutely need to take care of our family and do our job well, but we also need to take care of ourselves.  

When self-care is a daily habit, we become better and healthier.  A better parent, spouse, friend and person; Healthier energy, body and mind.  If every touch-point you make is positive, this will have an amazing ripple effect on everyone.  It goes far beyond your reach and into the home of someone you had contact with, or someone they had contact with who had contact with you.  The planet is a happier place when you are happy!

A little time, or chunk of time, spent on yourself daily is of ultimate importance to those around you and to this planet.

Self-care encompasses many things. 

Taking care of your needs should be a number one priority before everything else.  If making your basic needs a priority is difficult, work your day around your needs and schedule them in.  Set boundaries around your time so you can take care of yourself.  This should be Priority #1.

Basic needs include:

1. Healthy food to give you energy, keep your brain positive / sharp and your body strong.

2. Water for your energy, mind and body.

3. Exercise for your energy, mind and body.

4. Downtime for your energy, mind and body.

Self-care also includes many things you can do to take care of and love yourself.  All of these should be included into your life.  If you have trouble including any of the following, make a list of the ones you want to practice and schedule them in.  Make a plan to add more self-care and joy into your life.

1. Rest:  Bath.  Read.  Nap.  Be in Nature.  Journal.  Meditate.  Massage.

2. Boost Confidence:  Enhance your Beauty.  Dress Up.  Be Creative.  Read Confidence Boosting Books.  Journal.

3. Treat Yourself With:  Flowers.  Sexy Undies.  Beautiful PJ's.  Lovely Fragrance.

4. Fun:  Visit your Bestie.  Be Creative.  Watch a Movie/Show.  Enjoy a Night Out.  Start a Hobby.

5. Love:  Kiss your Partner.  Hug your Kids.  Cuddle your Pet.  Visit your Family.  Love Yourself.

Self-care isn't just doing nice things for yourself, it also includes internal self-care.  Speak kindly to yourself and love who you are.  Say nice things about you to others as well as yourself.  If you tend to have negative words or thoughts against yourself, stop this habit.  Pay attention to your self-talk and change the negative to positive.  You deserve to treat yourself with love and respect.

1. Pay Attention to Self-Talk

2. Change Negative to Positive

3. Speak Kindly & Respectfully about & to Yourself

4. Journal:  Write down beautiful things about You!

Get creative and think of all the ways you can add pleasure into your life.  If time seems to go by without a regular injection of self-care, schedule it in - it's important!  If you struggle with self-love, start a journal and brainstorm all the wonderful amazing qualities and gifts you have, because there are many!

Always remember.... You are Perfect!

     Much love, Lisa

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About Lisa

Lisa Johnson is the Author of Authentic Beauty Secrets & Authentic Style Secrets with her 3rd book on self-love in the works.  With a passion to help women look and feel beautiful inside & out, Lisa offers personalized coaching on Beauty, Style & Self-Love, founder of Authentic Beauty.   AuthenticBeauty.ca 

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