You are Stronger than You Know!

A little love goes along way, and that includes love for you too!  Part of loving and honouring yourself, is bringing back and owning your power.

An empowering tip from my next book about self love, boosting confidence and setting boundaries:

  1. You are stronger than you know.
  2. Visualize and feel your inner strength.  Imagine a colour, light or force inside your core.
  3. Feel this strength bursting out from your body in the form of a wolf call, shout or beacon of light.
  4. Embrace your day knowing you are strong.  You are able to make your own decisions and have the power to set your personal boundaries.

Love exactly who you are.  You are Perfect!

Much love,

Authentic Beauty

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About Lisa

Lisa Johnson is the Author of Authentic Beauty Secrets & Authentic Style Secrets with her 3rd book on self-love in the works.  With a passion to help women look and feel beautiful inside & out, Lisa offers personalized coaching on Beauty, Style & Self-Love, founder of Authentic Beauty.

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