Full Makeup Application & Consult Studio Session - 1 Hour Service

Full Makeup Application & Consult Studio Session - 1 Hour Service

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to apply makeup and discover personalized tips for you from a professional makeup artist? This studio session teaches every aspect of makeup application personalized for your face, eyes, skin and comfort level.

Your Studio Session Includes:

  • Full makeover - natural daytime look
  • 1-hour Makeup application teaching session specific for your features
  • Personalized Authentic Beauty Package to Take Home

You Will Learn:

  • Natural daytime look
  • Foundation, concealer and powder to brighten your skin tone
  • Liner and shadow application to enhance your eye shape
  • Eyeshadow shades that bring out your eye colour
  • Best brows for your face and how to shape them
  • Blush tones to brighten skin and application method
  • Makeup tips for your skin type
  • Flattering lip colours and application tips

Personalized Authentic Beauty Package:

  • Eye shape chart
  • Eyeshadow application chart
  • Eyeshadow tips for your eye colour
  • Application tips for your eye shape
  • Personalized makeup consult tips
  • Personalized natural makeup application face chart with take-home tips

Save $50 when you book with a friend (2-hour studio time) - $80 each

To learn evening makeup, how to contour and highlight and makeup to flatter your face shape, book the ‘Evening & Specialty Makeup Add-On Service’ to follow this studio session.