Authentic Beauty Book Series

You are Fabulous! 

Personalized Beauty & Style for Your Best Authentic You!

Discover your beauty and power in the Authentic Beauty Book Series.  

Learn personalized makeup, hair, style, dressing for your body and self-care tools to look and feel amazing! 

It's not about correcting or 'fixing' yourself but showing you how beautiful you really are. 

Authentic Beauty Secrets 

Complete Beauty Workbook

As a professional makeup artist, I have made over thousands of women.  We are all one-of-a-kind, and we are amazing!  You have a natural beauty and are more beautiful than you know.

This book is personalized to enhance your features - your skin type, skin tone, face shape, eye shape, eye colour, hair type and more.

Step-by-step instructions, worksheets and cheat sheets are included for a complete package - gorgeous makeup, skin and hair, plus tips to love your beautiful self.

Packed with valuable beauty boosting info to look and feel gorgeous every day.

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Authentic Style Secrets  

Discover your Style & Dress your Body to Look Amazing!

Presentation and confidence are so important, and have an incredible impact on your life.  When you discover your style and fashionably present yourself, you will feel beautiful, confident and real.  Confidence is a gift we all have access to and is extremely powerful.

Have you ever noticed a stylishly dressed woman and how people respond to her?

We imagine she has it all together, personally and professionally.  Or how about the amazing creature that truly expresses her own authentic style?  Her impression says, she has fun, loves who she is and enjoys life! 

Your presentation is like a magnet - what you present, you attract.

Discover your unique style and tailor it just for you.  Your goals, personality, lifestyle and body.

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You are Perfect Journal  

Self-Love & Inspiration Diary

Positive, inspiring and beautiful quotes to bring self-care into your day.  100 lined pages and 8x10 for the ideal writing flow.  Be creative, journal, jot down ideas or write about your day.  Boost your confidence and self-love with a daily dose of self-affirming quotes to feel beautiful, cherished, unique and perfect.

Available on Amazon:  You Are Perfect Journal 

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